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HentaiHaven shut down – don’t worry, the dream lives on!

April 21, 2019

We’re all well aware by now that HentaiHaven shut down 2 months ago. They just up and closed their doors to the public, to the dismay of a many Hentai fans. Why exactly they did this is unknown, but rumor has it FAKKU had something to do with it since moments after Papa HH announced their shut down, they went on to confirm that they would begin working with FAKKU to release Hentai in the West – however, for anyone that knows FAKKU… that likely means it’ll be gated behind a pay-wall, which is not what HentaiHaven had been known for.

Various “HentaiHaven clones” rose up in the wake of HH’s destruction, some of which even claim to be the official HentaiHaven – but like the original HentaiHaven have pointed out on their website, none of them are real.

So, what can we do? Nothing. You have to acknowledge and deal with the fact that HentaiHaven is gone and isn’t coming back, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good alternatives out there.

As an example, we have over 100 HentaiHaven videos on our website currently and we’re doing what we can to upload more until we have a fairly large selection of HH videos available to our viewers. And we aren’t the only ones doing so.

Our goal at is to provide viewers with the best possible viewing experience – offering high quality 720p-1080p encodes, normally with various sources and direct downloads to the videos. Quite a few of them will just so happen to be HentaiHaven releases – something that should keep a lot of you happy.

So, don’t fret that HentaiHaven shut down, instead, embrace change.

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